Service plan

Cooperation with us is not completed on the selection and sale of the complex, we also provide warranty and post-warranty maintenance of the complex. Despite the excellent quality, as well as any technical device, car wash equipment required due gentle care and regular maintenance, thereby increasing the life of equipment, or prevent emergencies. We provide customers with professional warranty and post warranty service, under which offer regular inspections of equipment, prevention and troubleshooting, training, optimization of your car. Highly skilled craftsmen equipped with a professional repair kits provide the highest quality services.

Guarantee maintenance

  • All maintenance work, which are included in the standard self-service car washes are performed according to the manufacturer's requirements.
  • After-sales service is aimed at the prevention of equipment failure by timely diagnosis and prevention (in accordance with the requirements of the operational documentation).
  • Hardware warranty from the date of acceptance by the client 1 year.
  • Regular maintenance according to the manufacturer's instructions


  • The equipment warranty is increased to 2 years
  • Service car wash according to manufacturer's technical regulations.
  • Diagnosis of the systems.
  • Carrying out regular preventive inspections
  • Advice and guidance.

The procedure for reporting an accident

  • If your washing on the accident happened, it should send a request by mail or fax (address and phone).
  • The application contains a service repair information to process your order quickly. The application please describe signs of damage, as well as information about which part was damaged, if you are able to determine this.
  • The employee receiving the request, within 15 minutes you will send a signed service department of Application service repair supplemented with the following information: the application number in our system, and the term of the wizard who will come to remedy the problem.

The technicians have been trained at the factory and have the appropriate certificates. In stock service centers always necessary set of original spare parts that allow the repair of equipment in the shortest possible time.